Will the supply of Industrial Minerals be affected?

No. To a large extent the measures proposed have already been integrated in the supply chain management. The new measures require a reinforcement of attention, but in most cases, no fundamental change. By providing correct and complete information to the customers, there is no reason to expect any wide-ranging effect. IM producers are prepared to help their customers in reducing workers’ exposure to process-generated respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and to inform them of the relevant good practices for their particular situations. This will become an integral part of their product stewardship policies.

It is of vital importance that customers of industrial minerals understand that this new European Directive concerns only the control of the exposure of their workers to process-generated RCS, it has nothing to do with the classification and labelling of the products containing crystalline silica.

The supplied products do not have to be substituted or labelled as carcinogens but the exposure of workers to the dust generated by processing the mineral products and raw materials containing crystalline silica must be assessed and controlled properly, by applying the new legislation and the NEPSI good practices. Good industry work practices already exist in many customers using mineral products in Europe that are in line with the NEPSI good practices.