Who are the signatories of the NEPSI Agreement?

In 2006, the employers and employees of 14 industry sectors signed the Agreement on Workers Health Protection through the Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products containing it (so called NEPSI Agreement – European Network for Silica, published in the EC Official Journal (OJ 2006/C279/02).

The Employees are represented by: IndustriAll. The Employers are represented by: GlassFibreEurope (Glass Fibre), BIBM (Precast Concrete), CAEF (Foundry), CEEMET (Metal, Engineering and Technology-Based Industries), CEMBUREAU (Cement), CERAME-UNIE (Ceramics), EMO (Mortar), EUROMINES (Mining), EUROROC (Natural Stones), EURIMA (Insulation Mineral Wool), EXCA (Expanded Clay), FEVE (Container Glass), GEPVP (Flat Glass), IMA-Europe (Industrial Minerals), UEPG (Aggregates).

The Agreement is always open for more signatories.

A new Association was welcomed at the NEPSI Council meeting of 15 June 2016: the European Calcium Silicate Producers Association (ECSPA).